Ravi Basu

Ravi Shankar Basu

Ravi Shankar Basu is the Executive Director of Everpresence India Limited. He has brought in 25 years of experience with him from diversified fields; Ravi has served in diverse leadership and client service roles in organisations like PwC Acceleration Centres in India, ITC Limited, CBRE, Apeejay Surendra, Red Ceramics Limited etc. He has extensive experience working across sectors, both in India and overseas.

Prior to his current role, Ravi served as the Admin Leader for PwC Acceleration Centre in Kolkata. He has successfully led the firm’s Administration, Security, Real Estate and Projects over the years – spearheading the team successfully. He has led through the organisation during the recent pandemic and set an extraordinary example of running operation in most critical situation.

Ravi is a part of IGBC fraternity and holding a certification of IGBC AP. He has a great process knowledge and he is proudly holding Green and Black Belt certifications in Six Sigma.

Ravi is passionate about reading books, learning new process or technology. He is a Lawyer holding several degrees, diplomas and certificates from various universities and institutions.

He is holding Bachelor of Law from Fakir Mohan University. Masters in Financial Management from Annamalai University. Masters in Computer Science from Madurai Kamraj University. He is having Advanced Supply Chain Management LDP certification from IIM Kolkata. He is an Alumina of IIM Kolkata, Annamalai University and many other institutions. He has more than two dozens of Degrees and others certifications which is increasing further day by day.

A social worker, Ravi loves to spend time with underprivileged children, visit places where he can meet ground resources. He finds himself at home while he meets with common man, the people who are never in the spotlight.

He loves to continue his work silently and dedicatedly.